Sponsorship FAQs

Do you have a question about child sponsorship? We would like to help answer them!  Below you will find several of our sponsor’s most commonly asked questions.

How Much Does Sponsorship Cost?

Full sponsorship that enables us to extend holistic care costs $200 per month. However we have broken this down to enable one connect to a child at their level of financial capacity. A child will have as many sponsors as will donate a total of $200 .

What Does Sponsorship Cover?

Sanyuka child sponsorship model allows for a one-on-one relationship with each sponsor, while pooling the gifts of all sponsors in order to provide long-term resources for lasting change.

A child does not receive direct cash benefits like a welfare system. Funds are pooled together to provide the most important and urgent neccesities that facilitate effective development in order to release the children from long-term poverty hence helping them discover their God-given potential as human beings. The funds are used to provide the following;

Can I pay my sponsorship automatically?

YES! You can pay by Automatic Debit or Credit Card.  This actually helps our ministry if you choose this option, so we encourage it!  Please remember to notify us when your credit card number or expiration date changes so we can ensure that your payment stays up-to-date.

How long is my commitment? When do children out of the Program?

Your sponsorship may last several years, depending on the needs of your sponsored child.

The goal of Sanyuka sponsorship is to help your sponsored child break the cycle of poverty so they can step into the future with hope. This is done through education, talent and leadership development and full holistic child development. As children mature and achieve a higher education / graduate in vocational institutions, they are then released from the sponsorship program so that they can be vessels of change in their respective communities.

Can I opt-out at anytime?

While our desire would be to see your continued partnership and support towards your sponsored child, we also totally understand that there come times and situations when you may be temporarily or indefinitely unable to meet your sponsorship obligation. You are free to opt out of  or pause the sponsorship program at any time by sending an email to sponsorship@sanyukachildren.org or by canceling your sponsorship via logging into the sponsor portal.

Can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Yes!!! You are encouraged – but not obliged – to build a friendship with your sponsored child. They are eager and excited to hear from you and about your life, and happy to share about theirs.

Letters and drawings from your child will allow you to learn more about daily life in their own words and experiences. A translation is provided by our staff, if necessary.

Their carefully drawn pictures and treasured words will enable you to share in the daily joys and struggles of your child's life as they grow and prosper.

The sponsorship program is carefully managed and controlled to ensure the well-being of each individual child entrusted to Sanyuka. All communications to and from your sponsored child are coordinated by the Sanyuka sponsorship team for consistency with Sanyuka’s Child Protection Policy.